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Welcome to Erg Chebbi

The Sahara Desert was formed 8000 years ago. Morocco is one of the countries comprehended on this extension of 9 000 000 km2. With us you can take your time discovering the desert or just stay a night with us, as we are at the most western Erg, a saarian desert with sand dunes, along the hamada, the stone desert. 

Unlike what you might think the desert is full of life, dromedaries, goats, sheep, scarabs, caterpillars, fennec foxes, white-crowned wheatears (Oenanthe leucopyga), and many others.

And if you think that the nomads belong to the past you are fully wrong, the desert is anthropologically still very rich. 

So, why stay in a hotel if you are in the desert? Why stay in a hotel tent, just beside a hotel? If you can experience the real nomad life take the chance with us!

What about driving in the sand? Not acquainted with it? Don’t worry! We can pick you up by camel or 4X4. 

Although we are offering you the most genuine way of nomad life, feel comfortable with us. There will be water in the tap, light in the tent, towels, sheets, toilet paper… yes, we fit the international standards.

Camping in the desert is not massive tourism. Our small size camping makes you feel at home.

We have 4 tents, all of them for a maximum of 4 persons, each of them with its private washroom and toilet with amenities. By booking with us your breakfast and dinner are automatically included, outdoors or indoors in our restaurant. 

Maria João Neto

Our History

Hamid, a Berber that has always been living in the desert, created this camping, based on his own experience and lifestyle. Born as a nomad, his family settled in Tighmirt, Merzouga. Hamid spent his childhood camping, knowing better than anyone else what means to live in a tent. Lived for twice a few months in Brazil, what made him seeing life from another perspective.

Later on Maria, a portuguese tourist guide, joined the project and the camping was refurbished, making it more suitable for the future. With a high degree on tourism since 1994, Maria specialized on tourism information in 2003 and gardens and landscapes in 2014. Portuguese is her native language but speaks fluently english, german and romanian. Went to know Morocco in early 2020.

This international couple is pleased to receive you in the desert, offering you a range of experiences that you will never forget, like trekking, camel riding, 4 X 4, sandboard, motocross, bike, quads, buggies and tours in the desert region. 

Have a taste of Berber food with us, drink our tea, listen to our gnaoua music! Or just simply… rest and forget about the stress of your homeland.


We are Maria João and Hamid

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