Are you one of those people who cannot stay quiet, always looking for experiences, till you fall on your bed and then go for the next one fresh in the morning? Then the desert dunes are for you.

A wide range of experiences is on display the whole year; we advise you to come depending on where you are coming from. Do you come from a country or area where it often snows? Think about coming from late Autumn till early Spring. Or do you come from a country or area where you usually see no snow? Come from early Autumn till late Spring. You can always come in Summer, but for sure you will not have the energy for the activities.

Events you can attend or even participate

DESERT TROPHY PANDA EDITION – 18th to 26th of February 2023

RALLYE AÏCHA DES GAZELLES DU MAROC – 17th of March to 1st of April 2023

RALLY SOLIDARIO – 2nd to 8th of April 2023

MOROCCO DESERT CHALLENGE – 21st to 30th of April 2023

MARATHON DES SABLES – 21th of April to 1st of May 2023

PANDA RAID – 28th of April to 6th of May 2023

TITAN DESERT – 30th of April to 5th of May 2023

205 TROPHÉE – 30th of April to 12th of May 2023

RALLY SOLIDARIO – 3th to 9th of September 2023

RAID DES LÉGENDES – 17th to 25th of September 2023

RALLYE DU MAROC – 12th to 18th of October 2023

RAID PASSION DÉSERT – 18th to 27th of October 2023

RALLY SOLIDARIO EXTREMO – 3rd to 9th of December 2023

RALLY SOLIDARIO – 29th of December 2023 to 4th of January 2024

UNIRAID – 10th to 18th of February 2024

BAB EL RAID – 15th to 20th of February 2024

4L TROPHY – 15th to 25th of February 2024

NOMAD RAID – 18th to 29th of February 2024

Experiences you can have

4X4 tours, either in the desert or even through the whole of Morocco. See our article GREAT TOURS ON THE WAY TO THE CAMP, in this blog, to know about some tour suggestions we are pleased to give you.


Camel ride, either only 40 minutes or several days if your back or butt allows it 😉 They are friendly animals and usually don’t run. Great for adventurers that don’t like speed!


Quad ride, too dangerous?! No way! There is always a guide to make you feel safe. This might be the right choice if you like speed.


Buggy ride is also for speed lovers, but the metal structure above you and the seating bells will make you feel safer. Also always with a guide.


Motocross if you want to imagine yourself in those times in which the Rallye Paris-Dakar passed here. A guide will be there to show you the best tracks you can use.


Trekking, lonesome not so funny. We can arrange a guide, we don’t want you to faint thirsty in the desert. Best hours for it? Sunrise and sunset! Is not only healthier but you will have the best glimpses as well!


Bike tours, impossible on sand?! Through special wheels, you will be able to drive everywhere in the desert. This might be the most surprising experience!


Sandboard might be the most innovative experience you can have. Sliding on sand instead of snow does not require the equipment that contains your movements. Sandboarding will make you feel free, although always with surveillance for security reasons.

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