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Rest Camp Erg Chebbi

Experience the real nomad life when staying at our Rest Camp Erg Chebbi in Morocco

Immersive Desert Experience

Are you in search of a genuine and unforgettable adventure in Morocco? Look no further than the mesmerizing desert Rest Camp Erg Chebbi. Picture yourself exploring endless golden dunes, basking in the warmth of a crackling campfire, and being enchanted by the brilliance of a starry night sky. 

Desert campgrounds, or bivouacs, are temporary accommodations in the heart of Morocco’s vast deserts, such as the Sahara Desert and the Erg Chebbi dunes. These camps offer travelers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the desert environment and experience the nomadic way of life.

At our desert campground, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in traditional Nomadic-style tents. These are not your ordinary camping tents; they are beautifully decorated with colorful fabrics and intricate Moroccan designs. Comfortable beds, cozy interiors, and amenities like electricity and private bathrooms ensure a comfortable stay while preserving the desert’s authentic feel.

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While the allure of the desert lies in its raw beauty, it’s important to consider the facilities and amenities provided at the camp. We offer electricity, private bathrooms, comfortable bedding, and other essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. If you have specific requirements, such as wheelchair accessibility or dietary preferences, communicate with us in advance to ensure your needs are met.

Our small-size Rest Camp makes you feel at home. Have a look!

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Planning a visit to Morocco? Experience the essence of the country and the desert with our unique tour selection. Each tour is conveniently located along the way to our Rest Camp, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

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Sport merzouga

Magic desert dunes for adventures and sportsmen

Are you one of those people who cannot stay quiet, always looking for experiences, till you fall on your bed and then go for the next one fresh in the morning? Then the desert dunes are for you.

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