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The Sahara Desert was formed 8000 years ago. Morocco is one of the countries comprehended on this extension of 9 000 000 km2. You can stay just a night with us or take your time discovering the desert, as we are at the most western Erg, a saarian desert with sand dunes, along the hamada, the stone desert.

Why stay in a hotel if you are in the desert? Why even stay in a hotel tent, just beside a hotel? If you can experience the real nomad life take the chance with us!

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7 unique tours in Morocco

7 unique tours in Morocco

Planning on visiting Morocco? We share 7 unique tours in Morocco that will give you a true experience of the country and the desert.

Sport merzouga

Magic desert dunes for adventures and sportsmen

Are you one of those people who cannot stay quiet, always looking for experiences, till you fall on your bed and then go for the next one fresh in the morning? Then the desert dunes are for you.

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Camping in the desert in not massive tourism. Our small size Rest Camp makes you feel at home. Have a look!

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Erg Chebbi 31º 10′ N 3º 59º O Merzouga52202 Morocco

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